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What is Bridge Watersport Park?

Bridge Watersport Park will be the hub of watersports in South Australia!  It will be the state’s first Cable and Aqua park located on the banks of the Murray River right in the middle of Murray Bridge.  The park will include food & beverage, hire gear and retail watersports sales.

What is a Cable Park?

A cable park is an overhead tower cable pully system which tows wakeboarders, skiers and kneeboarders around a lake.  Depending on the lake size and layout, there is usually 4 to 6 towers and around 6 – 10 carriers with tow ropes and handles.  Unlike being towed by a boat, there is no wake or boat motor noise.

What is an Aqua Park?

 An aqua park is a series of inflatable objects joined to create a floating playground.  Participants can run, jump and slide on the varies pieces all within a controlled water environment, wearing Australian Approved L50s vests and monitored by qualified lifeguards.

Why set up a Watersport Park in Murray Bridge?

Being the closest point to the Murray River from Adelaide, Murray Bridge provides the perfect place for a Watersport Park!  Access to water, land and proximity to Adelaide allows us to create the perfect mix of affordability, location and fun!  We want to provide a waterfront park that can be a focal point for all types of water activities in South Australia.

How does Cable Wakeboarding/Skiing/Kneeboarding differ from behind a boat?

The main difference is that the way riders are pulled along a cable, rather than being towed behind a boat.  Boat riding is restrictive on how many people can ride at once, whereas cable riding can allow up to 12 riders at one time.  Riders hold a handle and rope which is picked up by a continual cable system which means there is a constant flow of riders.  Cable boarding is environmentally friendly, creating no wake and using a solar driven, almost silent electric motor.  Cable boarding is cost efficient for riders as they don’t have the expense of a boat, registration, fuel etc nor have to arrange a boat crew.

Will anyone be able to have a go?

Anyone from age 5 will be able to have a go on the Aqua Fun Park, Cable Park and other water activities.  Australian Approved L50s Life Vests will be required for all participants and cable riders will require helmets.  These will be provided, or you can use your own vest provided it meets the Australian Standards.  Equipment for the Cable Park can be hired or you can use your own wakeboard, ski or kneeboard.  Coaching sessions will also be available.

When will Bridge Watersport Park be open?

We have been working on Bridge Watersport Park for a number of years and understand that for a successful project there are many important planning steps to be completed.  However, our aim is to be up and running as soon as possible, subject to planning & building approvals.

How much will it cost to ride cable or the aqua park?

Costs will be in line with other cable parks around Australia.  Season tickets will be available for regular riders.  Spectators will be able to enter the park for free.

Can I get a job at Bridge Watersport Park?

Yes!  We will be looking for fun, encouraging, energetic employees with excellent communications skills to help run the park!  Roles will include life guards, cable operators, ticket sales, retail sales, food & beverage and grounds keeping.  Applicants with experience in any of these areas or willingness to undertake training will be desirable.

How can I help?

You can help by spreading the word via Facebook & Instagram and telling friends and family.  If you have a trade or skill that you think can help us during planning and construction or are interested in working at the park when completed, please reach out for a chat.

Where are other Cable Parks and Aqua Parks in Australia?

Cable Parks and Aqua Parks are in Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia & Queensland.  Plus 100’s of locations around the world!

Planning progress to date

A Development Application has been lodged with The Rural City of Murray Bridge.  Council has been a great supporter of the project and our hope is to continue working together to further activate the waterfront and create a Watersports hub for South Australia.

Who can I contact for more information?

Like our Facebook or Instagram to keep up with all the latest information.  We will try to keep everyone updated on approval and building progress.  You can also email or call 08 8599 8955

Benefits for Murray Bridge

  • Youth employment & upskilling

  • Increased State, National & International tourism opportunities

  • Healthy & active options for our youth – keep our youth in the Murray Bridge region

  • Activating the Murray Bridge waterfront

  • First of its kind in South Australia

  • Increased spending in Murray Bridge

Cable Watersports Park Benefits

  • Affordable access to Wakeboarding/Skiing

  • Environmentally friendly & minimal noise 

  • Family orientated

  • Suitable for large variety of ages

  • Active lifestyle

  • Rapidly growing Watersport

  • Great social sport

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